7 Great Ways To Promote Weight Loss

So you wanted to know ways to promote weight loss? I have made a list of things you can do to help you achieve your goals and get the perfect body that you’re after.

Having three meals a day

There is a lot of speculation about this. A lot of people recommend having more meals in a day with smaller portions, which I did try for a little while. However I found this to be more of a hassle than its worth, especially with young kids, school runs and work to fit in around it. So I ended up switching back to three and I made it work. Now not only do I not have to worry about cooking lots of meals. I also get to eat at the same time as my family again. It’s all about watching what you put in your meals.

You really want to make sure that you’re eating food that is going to fill you up, to help prevent you snacking. Try having meals with eggs, fish or soup, three very filling foods that may help to relieve your hunger. They are also very good for you in terms of nutrition.

Doing this is also a great way to get your whole family eating better, you can make the same meal for all of you and then you’ll all start to see the benefits together.

Cut out refined carbohydrates

I know this one really sucks, we all love are carbohydrates after all. This is one of the best ways to promote weight loss. Unfortunately, carbohydrates don’t do a lot of good for our health. They cause problems with blood sugar our blood sugar levels and only give you a short feeling of fullness. That isn’t going to help you when it comes to dieting. There is still some hope for us carbohydrate lovers, though. Just because you’re cutting out refined carbohydrates, doesn’t mean you have to cut out the unrefined variation as well. Unrefined carbohydrates provide us with some essential nutrients and can be really tasty too. So when It comes to eating carbohydrates, leave out the bread, cakes and pastries. Swap them for whole grain foods, vegetables and nuts. Even popcorn is a great substitute for the refined carbohydrates.

Control what you snack on

The craving to snack on foods throughout the day is what causing most diets to fall through. To promote weight loss you have to be strong. We all get hungry throughout the day and making it from one meal to the next can be an extremely difficult task, especially on days where you’re not doing a lot and getting bored. So we know that these obstacles are going to hit us so now it’s just about having a plan in place for when they do. Buy plenty of fruit, nuts and other low-calorie healthy snacks. When you feel the urge to snack throughout the day just reach for the fruit bowl instead of the biscuit tin. It may not be as tasty but your body will thank you for the more nutritious option.

Get yourself active

Exercise is nothing if It’s not combined with a healthy diet, but using the two together is an unstoppable force in terms of weight loss. There are so many options available to us in the world of exercise. You could join a gym, go before or after work for 30 minutes of cardio exercise and you’ll soon notice yourself slimming down. Or pick the cheaper and less time-consuming option and do it from home. Buy yourself a great workout DVD and when you get half an hour to yourself, exercise from home. I have included a link to some great exercise DVD’s that have worked wonders for me and my partner.

Drink more water

One of the best ways to promote weight loss is to drink more water. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, yet most of us will choose food over drink. Sometimes when we feel the hunger setting in, you could actually just be thirsty. This is because as we get older our brains aren’t as good at telling the difference between hunger and thirst. As a result of this, we will often end up reaching for a snack rather than a drink. So next time you feel thirsty, have a glass of water first.

Also, it’s worth noting that many of us drink way too much of the wrong stuff. It’s very easy to forget about what your drinking in your diet when we spend so much time to watch what we eat, but the fluids all add up too. For example, if you drink a can of coke you are not only giving your body lots of unhealthy sugars but also using up 140 calories of your recommended daily allowance. If you are on a diet that recommends you stick to around 2100 calories to lose weight, then 140 and calories are already using up around 6% of that on one drink. As opposed to a glass of water which is zero calories and contains no sugar.

Water is essential to any successful diet and seriously underrated in our choice of beverage. This is a very underrated way to promote weight loss.

Track your progress

Do this by setting a realistic target of where you want to be, sometimes doing this every few months is a better option. If you go straight into your diet and say you want to lose 28lbs then it can be disheartening if at the end of the week you’ve only lost 2lbs. Even though this is a great amount to lose every week, it will still feel like a long way from the goal you want to reach. So instead, change that goal to wanting to lose 8lb by the end of the month, you’ll feel much more positive while watching your progress and it’ll still only be three and a half months before you lose the amount you originally wanted to lose. Taking baby steps is much better than leaping to the finish line.

Another thing about tracking your progress is to make a note of where your weight was when you started. If you ever do feel like you’re not making decent progress, look back and see how far you’ve come. This will give you that extra bit of reassurance that you really are moving towards your goal. This is a great way of keeping your weight loss journey positive.

Stay healthy

What I mean by this is once you have lost the weight you want to lose, maintain it. Keep the healthy lifestyle and continue doing what you have been. Add some more calories to your diet to avoid losing more weight than you wanted to. Many people do such a brilliant job of losing weight, only to then put it back on. It can be very difficult to maintain weight. Once you hit that goal everything in your body is telling you “now I can eat what I want”. But don’t fool for it. you have just achieved a fantastic goal, keep it up. Do it for the rest of your life and live better because of it. Keep yourself healthy and you won’t need to promote weight loss anymore.

They’re the best tips I can give anyone wanting to get off to a great start. It can feel like a big task at first, especially if you’re just starting out. Don’t let that put you off, though. I assure you that once you get started you will feel so much more positive about everything in your life. So, don’t let that word? diet’ put you off. Everyone has a diet, whether it’s an unhealthy one or not is the only difference. Set your goals. Work out your routine. Then start your journey for a healthier life.